Annual – United Arab Emirates – General government – Domestic currency – Investment in nonfinancial assets – Intangible nonproduced assets – Total

Series ID: [IMF/GFSIBS/A.AE.S13.XDC.G31.N2KN.W0_S1]
Frequency: annual


Frequency [FREQ]
Annual [A]
Reference Area [REF_AREA]
United Arab Emirates [AE]
Reporting Institutional Sector [REF_SECTOR]
General government [S13]
Unit of Measure [UNIT_MEASURE]
Domestic currency [XDC]
GFS Stocks, Transactions, Other Flows [GFS_STO]
Investment in nonfinancial assets [G31]
Instrument and Assets Classification [INSTRUMENT_AND_ASSETS_CLASSIFICATION]
Intangible nonproduced assets [N2KN]
Counterpart Reference Area [COUNTERPART_AREA]
Total [W0_S1]