Annual – Percentage – Bathing or showering – Females – From 55 to 64 years – No – Limited – Denmark

Series ID: [Eurostat/hlth_ehis_pc1hcs/A.PC.BATH_SHOW.F.Y55-64.NO.LTD.DK]
Frequency: annual


Frequency [FREQ]
Annual [A]
Unit of measure [unit]
Percentage [PC]
Health problems [hlth_pb]
Bathing or showering [BATH_SHOW]
Sex [sex]
Females [F]
Age class [age]
From 55 to 64 years [Y55-64]
Survey answer - Yes/No [yes_no]
No [NO]
Level of activity limitation [lev_limit]
Limited [LTD]
Geopolitical entity (reporting) [geo]
Denmark [DK]