Quarterly – Euro – Developing Europe – Non-banks, total – All sectors – Cross-border & Local in FCY – Credit (loans & debt securities) – Year-on-year changes, in per cent

Series ID: [BIS/gli/Q.EUR.3C.N.A.I.B.771]
Frequency: quarterly


Frequency [FREQ]
Quarterly [Q]
Currency of denomination [CURR_DENOM]
Euro [EUR]
Borrowers' country [BORROWERS_CTY]
Developing Europe [3C]
Borrowers' sector [BORROWERS_SECTOR]
Non-banks, total [N]
Lending sector [LENDERS_SECTOR]
All sectors [A]
Position type [L_POS_TYPE]
Cross-border & Local in FCY [I]
Type of instruments [L_INSTR]
Credit (loans & debt securities) [B]
Unit of measure [UNIT_MEASURE]
Year-on-year changes, in per cent [771]